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For more information, please visit the website of the municipality at: https://www.borovo.org

Borovo Municipality is located at the beginning of the northeastern part of the Danube plain. To the west and south it borders with the municipalities of Tsenovo and Byala, and to the northeast and east with the municipalities of Ivanovo and Dve Mogili. To the north it reaches the bank of the Danube. Administratively, the municipality is part of Rousse district, and for the purposes of regional development it is included in the scope of the North Central Planning Region. The municipal center – Borovo is 43 km away. southwest of the regional center – Ruse.

According to NSI data on the natural movement of the population and population data for 2019. the natural population growth in the municipality of Borovo for 2019 is negative (-23.45 ‰) and is significantly lower than the district average (-9.83 ‰ ).

Settlement Population Land area  Population density
Batin 592 38,722 15,29
Borovo 2318 37,264 62,2
Brestovitza 202 20,31 9,95
Volovo 133 14,958 8,89
G. Ablanovo 953 64,246 14,83
Ekzarh Yosif 385 37,779 10,19
Obretenik 1464 38,948 37,59
Total 6047 252,227 23,97

Population density in the lands of Borovo Municipality in 2019

Map of the territory of Borovo Municipality. Source: Google Maps

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