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The Municipality of Borovo makes great efforts to deal with the maintenance of municipal roads in good condition. The project itself, under which this contract is funded, includes the rehabilitation of road sections in the city and the improvement of road conditions and the safety of road users. However, there are measures that, if implemented, will significantly reduce both the risk and the number of road accidents in the municipality. After a thorough analysis, field visit and bypass of the roads in the municipality, our team identified the following risk management measures in blackspots locations:

  • Installation of a Doppler radar camera in the section of road I-5 before the fork for the town of Borovo (between the inclusion of Gorna Manastiritsa Street and road 5101 (in the direction of Ruse) on the east side) to measure the speed of passing vehicles in the direction Byala-Ruse The camera would be effective if placed on the section with a smooth left turn, where high speed develops, this will allow to adjust the speed of the drivers who approach at a higher speed in the section;
  • Repair of the connection of Gorna Manastiritsa Street to road I-5, widening of the road and construction of conflict-free lanes for inclusion and acceleration, as well as of disconnecting lanes for entering the city;
  • Laying new road markings in all blackspots locations and cleaning the drainage longitudinal ditches;
  • Laying horizontal obstacles to reduce the speed type “lying policeman” in as many places in the village of Obretenik, especially on straight sections of the main streets of the village. This also applies to some of the central city streets of the municipal center;
  • Enhanced control of the Traffic Police in the area of ​​the locations and placement of speed limit signs, as well as speed regulation through mobile speed control cameras.
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